Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done any sewing before will I be able to manage one of your kits?

Yes, absolutely. My intention is to introduce a new generation of stitchers to the craft so my designs  don't have any complicated areas in them. The printed canvas I supply means that you don't have the hassle of counting little squares as you have to if you are relying on a chart. This means you are much less likely to make a mistake. Obviously, my designs can be also be enjoyed by people who have done needlepoint projects before and now want to do a project where they end up with a modern design classic.

Do you sell ready made cushions?

Yes, I do sell ready made cushions on a stitched to order basis. Please email me for further information.

What happens if I run out of wool?

I supply more wool than you should need to complete the canvas, but if you do run out please email me and I will send you some more.

Are the kits just for cushions?

No, but I like to turn my finished canvases into cushions, and I give details of a great cushion making up service with the kits. Alternatively, the canvases can be used as wall hangings, framed pictures, upholstered on to chair backs or seats, or for a bag.

Why is needlepoint enjoying a new popularity?

Making something by hand is extremely satisfying. With a needlepoint kit not only is the process relaxing and enjoyable but you also end up with something that would cost a considerable amount to buy. It is widely acknowledged that undertaking a needlepoint project is de-stressing for the mind and aids sleep.
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